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Credit Restoration

The process to restore and repair your credit requires patience and persistence. Just as important is working with a credit...

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Credit Approval

The process of getting a loan or having your credit approved for the important and essential things in life can be stressful...

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Credit Education

One of the most important things we do at Prime Credit is educate our clients about the various aspects of credit and credit...

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Fact: Research has shown that 79% of all credit files contain some form of innacurate or erroneous credit information. That proves to give us over 350 million credit files that contain errors.

Fact: A single missed payment can often lower your credit score by 100 points or more and cause lenders to view you as high risk.

Fact: Employers, Landlords, and Insurance companies typically use credit scores as a tool to evaluate applicants. Prime credit scores could get a better apartment, could win you lower insurance premiums, or even land that big job you are trying to get.

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